Founded in 2000, Landy Energy Services, Inc. is a leading global provider of products and services to the oil and gas industry. With our global headquarter in Sealy, Texas and services & offices throughout the USA and China, Landy is committed to provide unparalleled and innovative products and services that augment the performance and value of our customers’ assets.

Our goal is to provide to the customer a wide array of innovative and tailor - made solutions that maximize efficiency and efficacy while minimizing financial and operational requirements.
The results are unique and innovative solutions will benefit our customers, our employees, and also our environment. We measure the success by the value we generate for all. We don’ t just provide a solution, we provide your solution.


Landy Energy Services, Inc. – Solution, delivered.



Address: 3077 Outlet Center Drive, Sealy, TX 77474, USA

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We have focused on the services on HPHT and unconventional wells in past 18 years, and achieved the below successful reputations in past years:

*    Frac design and services in USA and China (10,000 stages+ in each year)

*    Cementing services in both onshore and offshore (single stage cementing of HPHT gas well to the depth of 26,000 ft)

*    Liner hanger and tieback services in the deepest wells in Tarim Basin, China ( including size of 5" to 10-3/4" liners)

*    HPHT Wellhead and X-mas tree installation and maintenance in China ( including PR2 20,000 PSI FF and HH grade)

*    Heavy Duty Tower type pumping units installation in USA and China (rod pump depth to 19,000 ft)

*    Pressure test and seal the casing and annulus leaking before fracking (seal result can hold the pressure of 10,000 PSI+)

*    First successful designer and supplier of diverting frac agent in China

*    First snubbing unit supplier and services company in China

*    First wellhead frozen services company in China

*    First and unique Non-acid stimulation in offshore and onshore oilfields

*    Selected zone water injection in offshore and onshore oilfields

*    Tailor-Designing of HPHT wells' working over services

*    Dozens of unique chemicals and special tools



Address: 3077 Outlet Center Drive, Sealy, TX 77474, USA

Tel:  +1-281 4929877                         Fax: +1-281-4929873





*    Liner hanger and tie back tools(Baker and Schlumberger)

*    Well completion tools(Baker)

*    NCS multistage tools(

*    WOM wellhead, X-mas tree and other products(

*    C-sense and Snubbertech products(

*    Davis-Lynch cementing products (


*    Etc.


*    Tower type pumping units

*    Cementing chemicals

*    Stimulation chemicals(frac, acidizing and sealling)

*    Water injection tools(multi-zone and selected zone)


Except the below turn-key services, we also provide our PRODUCTS related services:

*    Frac and pumping services

*    Work-over services

*    Frac and stimulation services

*    Cementing Services

*    Etc.


Address: 3077 Outlet Center Drive, Sealy, TX 77474, USA

Tel:  +1-281 4929877                         Fax: +1-281-4929873





10/03/2018 Total horsepower of frac fleets will achieve about 200,000 HP by the end of 2018.

08/30/2018 First Efleet just finished about 750 stages' testing fracking in Powder River Basin.

06/13/2018 First Efleet was deployed to frac in USA major basin (Efleet: gas generators and electrical motor driving frac pumps)

Address: 3077 Outlet Center Drive, Sealy, TX 77474, USA

Tel:  +1-281 4929877                         Fax: +1-281-4929873




3077 Outlet Center Drive, Sealy, TX 77474, USA

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